January 29, 2009

yay and God said to Abraham....

So I've fallen into some bad habits, most notably, I have really messed up hours in terms of sleeping. At the moment, I am typically falling asleep at like 10 AM, and waking up at around 4 PM. So as you can imagine, I'm not seeing much in terms of daylight. Feels weird to be in that routine, as I am the only one I know doing it, mostly because of the television scheduling. After Conan O'Brien ends at 1:35AM, there is really not all that much on television that is worth watching. But here is a breakdown of top 5 (in terms of repeat watchability and overall quality) movies available for free ON DEMAND:

(in no particular order)
  1. Back to the Future - Taking that deLorean all the way to 88 MPH. Cars have changed for sure. You can get mopeds up to that speed nowadays. An 80's classic, and the whole "trilogy" is on there, if you plan on wasting an afternoon.
  2. Billy Madison- The best movie Sandler has ever made, and the constant stream of one-liners make it great. 
  3. Bull Durham- Second-best baseball movie behind "the Natural". Major League is  a close third. And obviously the introduction of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Yuck. 
  4. Westside Story- A Broadway classic brought to film. Written by a fellow Lawrence native, gives everyone from my city the hope of greatness. And man, Natalie Wood was a piece if I've ever seen one. I understand why Robert Wagner married her twice. Shame how she died though. 
  5. Radio Days- One of the more obscure Woody Allen films, but its still a goody. Has all of the old-school Jewish neuroses that we all love SO much.